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About Us:   "The High Level Cowberry Value Story"

Why own a Cowberry Franchise?

 1) Great People

The Cowberry story began in 2013 when Bill and Kelly Hohn, owner/operators of branded convenience stores in the south Florida area were concerned that over 60% of their gas customers rarely came inside their stores.  "I couldn't really blame them," Kelly stated.  "There was really nothing in there that I wanted to eat either.  Everything was in a package that had been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, not exactly what you would call eating fresh."  That's when the idea of Cowberry Frozen Yogurt was born.  With deep roots in independent and branded store operations, we are seeking to develop strong partnerships with excellent operators nationwide.  The Cowberry Frozen Treat model will help differentiate your store from the competition by offering your customers a fresh, delicious gourmet food offering.

Bill and Kelly Hohn –Cowberry Owners

Cowberry Frozen Yogurt Cow

2) Great Product

The Cowberry Frozen Yogurt model became a breakthrough concept, ideal for convenience stores, QSRs or any company desiring to add additional sales within their existing businesses, utilizing unproductive and low margin square footage.  With low labor requirements, low franchise & royalty fees, quality equipment packages, a delicious frozen mix supply with over 200 flavor combinations, as well as toppings, signage and marketing, you end up with an excellent opportunity at a reasonable price point.  Since our beginning days, we have continued to add new ideas and products such as gelato, custards, Italian ices, sorbets, gelati and more.  The innovation that gave birth to the Cowberry brand and the deep commitment to maximizing our franchisees investment continues to drive us to improve the brand by adding quality products and systems for our franchisee partners.  At Cowberry, we have partnered with the country’s best frozen treat and toppings suppliers. Our dairy, and our equipment suppliers, along with our nationwide network of product distributors are dedicated to quality and service, as well as bringing you innovative new flavors and treats to delight your customers.



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90% of U.S. households

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3) Great Processes

Cowberry's business model can be summed up in one word:  simple.  Guests make their own customized desserts and serve themselves, eliminating two business owner problem areas in the food service business. At Cowberry, we have created easy to use training materials for your staff, signage and communication tools as well as first-class marketing to promote your "One Stop" frozen treat shop.  We bring our valuable industry operations, marketing experience and a great brand to the party; you bring the operations and marketing execution to the site.  That's what makes Cowberry a "win/win".  The Cowberry system provides the necessary training for you and your employees, on site, at your location.  Each new Cowberry franchisee receives assistance with the entire opening process including:

cowberry logo Franchise businesses have a 42% higher success rate than non-franchise businesses.
  • Site assessment
  • Cowberry store layout & design with drawings
  • Build-out process supervision
  • Product & accessory supply
  • Staff education & onsite training
  • Signage & Cowberry branding
  • Opening & ongoing marketing support 
  • Complete Cowberry Operations Manual

    Given the multiple investment opportunities that exist today, what makes Cowberry stand out from the rest?  The answer is simple:  through the highest quality frozen treat products, a simple business model, a small flexible footprint, affordable price point and an exciting brand with a loveable mascot, Berry the Cow, Cowberry emanates a warm, family-friendly environment that businesses and communities across the nation are embracing.

    A Hot Destination for a Cool Treat!